"I am enchanted by skin. The skin of trials, tribulations, joy, life! When feelings or emotions are visible through expressions, gestures, or body language, I am mesmerized. I thrive from catching those glimpses of pure divinity. All too often it seems the unique expression of each individual is hidden, overlooked and labeled; both quickly dismissed and unexplored. I seek to absorb the essence of those willing to share it and translate that beauty in my art. Working in oils, I hope to communicate my experience with each individual who has left me captivated by their story, changed by their courage and delighted by their skin." - Jessica Rose


Jessica Rose earned her BFA from San Diego State University where she picked up her very first paintbrush in 2011. Her artwork has been featured at several group shows in San Diego including: Plastik Circus at Alexander Salazar Fine Art Gallery, Mayhem of the Mind at Mosaic Wine Bar Gallery, Year of the Rabbit at Thumbprint Gallery and Art Rocks at Suture Gallery.  Her first solo exhibition with Alexander Salazar took place just a couple of weeks after graduation. Jessica's paintings are larger than life with vibrant colors and expressive brushwork. She is currently working in her studio in Banker's Hill and will be showcasing her newest series in the fall of 2016. 

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